Flash Fiction- December

Flash Fiction- December

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Bobby struggled to yank his boots on. That morning he had woken up at 10:00 A.M, which was much too late to go to school! Bobby had looked out the window to see that it had frosted up. Snow was falling softly and gently outside his window. He stared for a moment, his warm breath defrosting the window back to its original state, and fogging it back up. It must have been a… SNOW DAY! Bobby smiled with joy and raced down the stairs. His mother was putting on the kettle in the kitchen. “I’m going to go play in the snow!” Bobby cried in delight as he grabbed his snow pants. His mother nodded in approval. He got dressed as fast as he could, but he had grown a lot in the past year, so his snow boots were a little too small. 


Bobby pulled as hard as he could until his foot slipped into the warm boot. On to the next one. It took a while, but eventually, they were both on. They pinched his toes, but he couldn’t care less. All Bobby was concerned about was getting outside to make the biggest, greatest snowman ever! 


Bobby pulled on some mittens. Then, he started to pack the snow together. He made a relatively large snowball, but began to roll it around on the ground to collect more snow and compress it together. Soon, it was giant! It was almost bigger than Bobby! He made two more snowballs. It took a lot of strength, but he was somehow able to stack them on top of each other. The snowman was HUGE! Bobby was satisfied. He was about to go back inside when he heard a voice from behind him. “Hey…?” Bobby whirled around quickly. It was the snowman! It was moving! “Um…Who’re you?” The snowman said. 


“I am Bobby.” Bobby said, “Who’re you?”

“I’m not sure what my name is. Can you give me a name?” The snowman said. 


“Um, you can be Snowy the Snowman!” Bobby laughed, “But how are you alive?”


“I’m not really sure,” Snowy said, “But I have always wanted to try hot chocolate.” 


“Oh! That’s um… interesting. Kind of random, but I think I can get it for you!” Bobby said, heading back inside. He asked his mom if there was any hot chocolate. 


“Yes! That’s actually what I was making for you this morning! Here.” Bobby’s mother said, handing him a mug. It was warm on his hands, and had a bunch of floating marshmallows. Bobby raced back outside, trying not to spill any. He gave it to the snowman. 


“Thank you very much!” Snowy said, slurping the warm drink…”Oh dear, that’s so…warm.” 


“Of course!” Bobby smiled happily, “I’ll have to go inside soon though.” 


“I’ll um, see you next time, Bobby,” The snowman said, “Thank you. Goodbye!”

“Bye!” Bobby said. He went back inside to get some hot chocolate for himself.