Interview with a Few – November

Interview with a Few - November

Michelle Nguyen, Reporter

For this month, I interviewed three students.

The students I interviewed were:


Anonymous – 6th grade 

Alexandria Payton – 7th grade

Charlie Danko – 8th grade


What are you thankful for?


Anonymous – I am thankful for my family, friends, and my life.


Alexandria Payton – I am thankful for many things such as, my family food provided for me every day and my access to my education.


Charlie Danko –  I am thankful for all my amazing friends!


What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


Anonymous – Since my family is Indian, we don’t really go big on Thanksgiving. 


Alexandria Payton – For Thanksgiving I am going to my grandparent’s to eat pie and turkey.


Charlie Danko – I am going to be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family by watching the Thanksgiving day parade and eating dinner. 


Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Why or why not? 


Anonymous – Me and my family are going to make Thai food at home and have that for Thanksgiving dinner. 


Alexandria Payton – Yes, I celebrate thanksgiving, but only to be grateful although neither me nor my family celebrate it for the reasons for history, we don’t really like to support the idea that Columbus and his settlers were kind heros to the Native Americans.


Charlie Danko –  I celebrate Thanksgiving because it is a great time to remember all the amazing things to be thankful for.