Monthly Debate- Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate – November

Olive Spohn and Mandy Roth

Olive: I believe that dark chocolate is far superior to milk chocolate because it is richer, and has much more flavor. Dark chocolate is delicious, and, unlike milk chocolate, it isn’t too sugary or overwhelming. I believe that dark chocolate is able to convey twice as much flavor with less sugar, and less milk. As someone who is lactose intolerant, dark chocolate is very enjoyable to eat, and it doesn’t bother my stomach. Not only is dark chocolate delicious and flavorful, but it can also lower the risks of heart disease in certain cases. 


Mandy: Many people will agree that milk chocolate is higher-ranking than dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is featured in most candy bars, which is because it has a smaller concentration of coco making it sweeter. Though it is not true for all people, many choose to eat chocolate when they are looking for something sweet. Since milk chocolate is sweeter, many people prefer it over dark chocolate. Another bonus to milk chocolate is that it is commonly paired with other delicious foods like peanut butter or caramel which make an even more delicious treat.