Unpopular Opinions- November

Unpopular Opinions- November

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

Parmesan cheese tastes like vomit.” – Bella Mahoney, 8th grade

“Baggy jeans are better than skinny jeans.” – Maddie Nix, 8th grade

“Ketchup and eggs are good.” – Bella Kimerer, 7th grade

“Soggy cereal isn’t that bad.” – Ace Trout, 7th grade

“Ketchup is good plain.” – Adi Napp, 6th grade

“Animal crackers and nacho cheese are good together.” – Ella James and Riley Coffey, 6th grade 

“Pepsi is better than Coke.” – Lizbeth Mora-Granado (8th), Bella Kimerer (7th), Maily Rodriguez-Granado (7th), Ava Hernandez (8th)



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