Flash Fiction- November

Flash Fiction- November

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Recommended for a younger audience


Mr. Turkey was enjoying his afternoon nap when he was startled awake by a loud ruffle. Fortune-Teller Turkey was shaking Mr. Turkey. 


“What is it!?” Mr. Turkey said.

Fortune-Teller Turkey replied, “Your best friend, the Mrs. Turkey, has been kidnapped! The humans are planning to eat her for their Thanks of the Giving meal!” Mr. Turkey jumped up, and exclaimed. He raced out to save his Turkey friend. Mr. Turkey tried his best to flap over the 

tall fence that kept him inside the pen. But it was no use. There was no way to get over the fence. He couldn’t go through it. He couldn’t go over it. He couldn’t go around it. So what about…under it? Mr. Turkey thought of the moles that were only a little bit away from the pen. He looked around for them, and noticed that they were playing in the grass. Mr. Turkey called to them as loud as he could and got one’s attention. He asked for help. 


“I’ll do it, but only for a price.” The mole said, “I want you to bring me an earthworm! They’re my favorite meal.” So, Mr. Turkey agreed.


“But where might I find one?” He asked. 


The mole replied, “The moist soil is already all in your pen. There are so many in there!” Mr. Turkey looked around. The mole was right! There were lots of earthworms. Mr. Turkey just never noticed them before. He grabbed an earthworm and gave it to the mole in exchange for the mole digging him a hole out of the turkey pen. They thanked each other, and went their separate ways. Next, Mr. Turkey came across a farm. It was barren, and there were no animals. Huh, Mr. Turkey thought, this is strange… suddenly he heard a voice.

“Look! Another turkey! Get ‘em!” 


Mr. Turkey jumped in surprise to see four farmers running at him with pitchforks! Mr. Turkey ran into a haystack and escaped to the top of the barn. He watched the farmers going on a wild goose chase, trying to find him. They looked in all the haystacks and in every place they could think of. Meanwhile, Mr. Turkey went into the barn where he found Mrs. Turkey locked up in a cage! Luckily, Mr. Turkey saw the key not too far away. He snatched it up. The farmers had realized that Mr. Turkey was not outside, and was probably in the barn. They caught a glimpse of him and started charging for the barn. Mr. Turkey frantically opened the cage and got Mrs. Turkey out. 


“Oh my gosh, thank you!” Mrs. Turkey exclaimed, “You saved my life!”


“No problem! You’re my best friend! But…let’s get out of here!” Mr. Turkey replied. The turkeys easily avoided the silly farmers, and made their way home. Back on their own farm, they both lived happily ever after. The end!