Russia Attacks Ukrainian Civilians with Dozens of Missiles

Russia Attacks Ukrainian Civilians with Dozens of Missiles

Maya Rokhlenko, Editor and Reporter

On October ninth, the Crimea Bridge was bombed. Thus far, it is unknown whether Russia or Ukraine was responsible for the attack, but what we do know is that it was followed by a tragic sequence of events. Starting off with the bombing itself: the bomb exploded on the twelve mile bridge that connects the Crimean Peninsula to Russia. It is the only thing that connects the two and is very important for trade as well as, probably even more importantly to Putin, supports Russian attack on the Southern part of Ukraine. When the bomb exploded, three people were killed.

The Crimea Bridge is a pride of Russian President Vladimir Putin, so he was very angry at the bombing. 

Vladimir Putin blames the incident on Ukraine, calling it an “act of terrorism.” Ukraine has not confirmed Putin’s suspicions. 

The bridge was opened back up just hours after the attack, though only light weight vehicles were allowed, significantly reducing capacity.

The following day, Russia dropped a large amount of missiles on Ukraine, killing at least twenty people in a variety of cities. 

The day after that, October 11, air alerts rang out for the second day in a row. More than eighty missiles were dropped on Ukraine by Russia in total, mostly in Kyiv, the Capital, and surrounding areas. These attacks killed at least fourteen people, injured at least twenty four, and damaged many buildings, goods, and other belongings. Many of the missiles didn’t seem to have a set location they were trying to hit, many hitting playgrounds or parks. 

This attack was the largest air missile attack that Russia has had on Ukraine so far in this eight-month war since the very beginning. People in Kyiv and eceenially the rest of Ukraine were advised to take shelter and sleep in areas with no windows in case of another attack, which many of them are still fearing.