Flash Fiction- October

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

“Abby!” Abigail heard Cassidy call from the other side of the hill.
“Yeah?” Abby shouted back.
“I- I think you might want to… s-see this.”
“What is it?” Abby asked. She then heard a muffled scream. “Cassidy? CASSIDY!?”
Abby raced over, tripping over herself on the way. She peered over the edge. “Cassidy?”
She was nowhere to be seen. Abby’s heart skipped a beat. She felt it pounding in her ears as the cold night’s breeze flowed through her hair. She looked up at the glowing moon. There was silence. All she could hear was her constant sharp breathing and the dead branches crunching under her feet.

Cassidy had lost her locket there earlier in the morning, and they had been looking for it. However, they had no idea how creepy the woods got in the night. An owl hooted, its wide eyes glinting in the moonlight, masked slightly in the darkness. “H-hello?” Abby murmured. There was a loud noise behind her. Abby whirled around and released a small scream. No one was there. She looked around frantically. “Who are you?” She yelled. Silence. The branches swayed and creaked in the howling wind. The branches cast shadows that seemed to jump out and grab her. Suddenly, the ground below her began to tremble. She gasped with fright and stumbled around, trying to keep her balance. And just as soon as it began, it stopped suddenly. But only for a moment. Then, the ground fell out from under her feet and swallowed her whole. Abby was smothered and surrounded in darkness and complete and total unbearing silence.
* * *
A light clicked on. Abby shielded her eyes from the blinding light; her eyes had already adjusted to the darkness. “Hey…” A voice said. Abby looked up. Her eyes widened. It was… floating. And transparent. It was… a ghost! Abby screamed.
“Woah, woah, woah! No need to be so scared! I’m not here to hurt you! This happens sometimes. My best friend kinda messes up with his magic, and then this stuff happens. I can get you out though! I also have Cassidy, I saved her too! My name is Jeffery, by the way.” The Ghost spoke so fast, Abby could barely make out what he said.
“Eer, nice to meet you…Jeffery.” Abby said hesitantly, “Thank you.”
“Of course! You’ll just have to close your eyes. Oh, and I have to warn you, you might feel like jell-o.” Jeffery chuckled. Abby closed her eyes and held her breath. She felt wobbly and queasy. But in a moment, she felt solid ground beneath her. Abby collapsed.
“Geeze, I’m so dizzy,” She said.
“Abby!” Abby heard Cassidy’s voice, and felt her embrace, “I’m so glad you’re okay!”
“Yeah… me too.” Abigale said with a smile.
“The ghost also had my necklace!” Abby exclaimed, holding it out in front of me, “This day was so crazy!”
“Sure was!” Cassidy replied, still dazed.