Creative Writing- October

Creative Writing- October

Giana woke herself up on this fine morning by rolling over, and over, and then off the bed. She fell to the ground with a loud thump. Her significant other, Zephyr, shouted up at her from downstairs, “Are you alright?”


“No…” she groaned, “What time is it?” She asked as Zephyr joined her by her bed, looking down at her.


“Uhhh,” Zephyr checked their watch, “7:43am.”


“WHAT?! NO!!! I’m gonna be late… again…” she groaned. 


Zephyr chuckled, “C’mon, let’s get you up.” They held out a hand, and Giana took it. Giana scrambled around, throwing on a casual pair of jeans and a tank top. She brushed her teeth and did her morning face routine. “Uhhh, do I have time for breakfast?” She checked her clock. 8:00am. She had to be there at 8:02am. Nope. She ran down the stairs, spinning around at the end, and then falling into Zephyr. 


“Woah Giana, you okay?”


“Yeah. Yeah. Um, I’m gonna be late. But.. I don’t know where my keys are..”


“It’s alright. I’ll drive you.”


“Thank you,” Giana breathed.


They got in the car and quickly drove over to the kids house. Ohhhh they’re gonna fire me. When Zephyr parked, Giana hopped out, gave them a quick kiss on the cheek, and ran to the front door, giving it a good hard knock.


The front door slowly creaked open. Raven stood in front of it, with their hands behind their back. Their head was facing down, but their eyes were pointed up at Giana. They smiled. It gave off the impression that somehow Raven magically opened the door. 


Giana nervously laughed and rubbed the back of her neck, “Heh heh… um. Hi. Did you… do that? Where are your parents?” She pushed through the door and shouted, “I’m so sorry I’m-”


“We’re running a little late dear,” Mary voiced, coming quickly down the stairs.


Giana sighed in relief, “It’s alright.” Oh thank goodness. 


When Mary and Hank finally left, Giana settled on the couch, with all the kids crowded around her. “What’ll we do today?” Giana smiled. They all voted on going to the park. It was chilly outside, and they stayed all the way till afternoon. Raven was doing something in the corner with the wood chips, probably summoning an ancient demon. The other kids played together on the structure. First groundies, then lava monsters, then some made up game. It was kind of funny to watch since only two were playing, but Giana joined in at times. They ended with an imaginary game with dragons and river fairies. They were all exhausted by the time they walked home, and somehow agreed on dinner. It was spaghetti and meatballs, and everyone ate it obediently. Giana gave them a small treat afterwards, and told them to get ready for bed. She walked into their room, all of them sitting up in their beds. She slowly sat down on the rocking chair. 


“Please please please can we have another story?!” Niki practically screeched, bouncing up and down on her bed.


Giana looked around to make sure it was unanimous. Oliver shrugged. Raven mumbled, “I mean I guess that’d be good with me. Y’know nothing better to do since I have zero dead bodies to hide.”


“What? Nevermind, don’t answer that. Alright. Once upon a time, there was a…pumpkin!” Giana began, “This pumpkin was not a normal pumpkin, it was uh- square instead of round! The pumpkin looked at the other rounded pumpkins with envy. He wished he could be like them! Normal. Round. Every year when the winds blew cold and the leaves turned shades of orange, yellow, and brown, many children ran around the pumpkin patch, looking at each pumpkin carefully, inspecting every inch, until they found the one. The perfect pumpkin that they would bring home. The square pumpkin yearned to be that perfect pumpkin, prized above all. He longed to be brought to someone’s home. He wished to be loved. But every year, the children walked right past him. And every year, the square pumpkin became more and more hopeless. Until one day… a small boy came up to the square pumpkin. 


‘Daddy! Daddy! I found it! This is the one! I want it! Please, daddy, please?’ The boy jumped up and down eagerly, pointing to the square pumpkin. The pumpkin felt hope and excitement for the first time. He almost birst in anticipation when the father reached to pick the pumpkin. 


‘Are you sure you want this one?’ The father asked the little boy. 


‘Yes, it’s the one!’ The boy replied with a big smile. The square pumpkin felt so happy when he was put into the truck of their car and driven to their home. He was placed in the kitchen on top of a pile of newspapers. They brought out a carving utensil, and finally gave the square pumpkin a face to express his emotions. There was a big smile now. The square pumpkin was a jack-o-lantern! They placed a candle inside the pumpkin to allow his light to light up the world. The boy looked so proud. ‘This is the best jack-o-lantern ever!’ he said with a grin. He placed it on his fence, staring out onto the street, watching everything that happened. Giddy kids in awesome costumes, skipping about with treat bags. The night was full of laughter and joy. The cool breeze flickered the candle inside the square pumpkin, but it never went out. The warmth inside him stayed persistent. And for once, the square pumpkin not only accepted, but loved his squareness. It was unique, and beautiful. The end!” Giana whispered, “Goodnight, sweet dreams.” 


She looked at the kids, sound asleep on the couch. Giana carefully tucked them in and flicked off the night light, completing the darkness. She smiled, and gave them all a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room for the night.