Addison- The Girl Who Saved Lives


Bella DeNicholas, Editor

Addison Meyer is a 6th grader at Flagstaff Academy who saved many people from a fire. She is brave, humble, and an amazing kid. Addison says that “as soon as I saw the fire, I got my grandma to call 911. Then I ran back down the street to get all of the residents out of their house, including their dog.” She saved their lives, the family was upstairs and on the other side of the house, unknowing of the fire. “ They could’ve lost their entire house. They could’ve lost a lot.” She stated. Not only did Addison stop there, she also gathered as many hoses as possible to put the fire out with, at that point many other neighbors started helping too. Because of her heroic acts, her and her neighbors were able to get the fire out before the firefighters even got there. And what she said next about the award, truly shows she is humble. Addison said, “ I mean, the award was cool and all, but that’s not what I was doing it for. I don’t think anyone deserves to lose their home.” This is a big thing for her to say, because although she didn’t know those neighbors well, she still chose the right thing not for the award but out of the kindness of her heart.