CSU Mountain Campus and Sky Ranch Rewind


Maya Rokhlenko, Editor and Reporter

As all of you know, a few weeks ago many of the Flagstaff Students went on the annual trip to the CSU Mountain Campus and Sky Ranch. All students had a great time, whether at the CSU Mountain Campus, at Sky Ranch, or here at school. All groups of people had different experiences, with unique activities in every group. 

Many of the sixth and seventh graders went to the CSU Mountain Campus. Sixth graders did multiple activities, including stream ecology, a fire and history hike, a geology hike, and team building activities.

The seventh graders did four main activities: Geocaching, hiking, nature art, and the CSU Mountain Campus High Ropes Course. 

Up in Sky Ranch, the eighth graders also did many different activities. These included: Multiple hikes, survival activities, outdoor cooking, low ropes course, and geology.


After the trip, I interviewed some of the students who attended. 


Seventh grader: 

Stella Murphy

Eighth grader: 

Skylar Watson


How did you feel before you went? How did you feel after?


Stella: Before I went I felt really excited and a little nervous. Afterwards I felt tired and proud of everything I’d done.

Skylar: I was really nervous and scared to bunk with people I don’t really know. Afterwards, I was glad I went and I was laughing with all my friends and barely felt homesick.


What was your favorite part of the CSU Mountain Trip or Sky Ranch?


Stella: My favorite part of the trip to CSU Mountain Campus was the ropes course.

Skylar: My favorite part of Sky Ranch was the downtime and where you can go down to the rec center and play 9 square and play volleyball.


What was your favorite activity?


Stella: My favorite activity was the ropes course.

Skylar: My favorite activity at Sky Ranch was playing Football with my friends and Mrs.Wurth.


How would you rate your overall experience?


Stella: I would rate my time at the Mountain Campus as a 10 out of 10!

Skylar: How I would rate my overall experience is a 9/10. The reason is because we took the wrong trail on the hike so we climbed a cliff.


The student who stayed back at school also had a blast. They did many interesting things as well. 


I interviewed some of the students who stayed back at Flagstaff:

Sixth grader:

Avantika Jha

Eighth grader: 

Fernando Rodriguez Chavez


What was it like at Flagstaff with so few people?


Avantika: It was quiet. The hallways weren’t crowded and it felt really nice to be the only ones there.

Fernando: It felt weird yet calming that there were less people in the building.


Did you enjoy your time here while everyone else was at the CSU Mountain Campus and Sky Ranch?


Avantika: I did enjoy my time here while everyone else was at Pingree or Sky Ranch. 

Fernando: I enjoyed my time in the building meanwhile y’all were in CSU or Sky Ranch 


What were some of the things that you did? 


Avantika: While we were here we made friendship bracelets, we had s’mores and pancakes, we made nature bookmarks, and sadly enough we also had to do iReady.

Fernando: Well some of the activities we did were learning how to make friendship bracelets and a lot of free time. 


How did you feel during your time here? 


Avantika: I enjoyed my time here.  We had lots of free time, which was one of the fun parts of the three days I was at the school.

Fernando: I felt very happy knowing that there were less people and absolutely no homework.