King Charles III


Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

King Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s son, and will be the next king. He will be called King Charles III and his wife will become the Queen Consort. King Charles III was proclaimed King the Saturday after the Queen’s death. His coronation will not happen for a while, it takes a lot of preparation. Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was around a year after she was proclaimed Queen. King Charles will have to take on a lot of responsibilities, as well as changing how he lives. He devotes a lot of his time to charities, connecting with the public, and he even spends time on the polo field. But being king, he will have a lot more responsibilities and less free time.  He will also have the media judging everything he does, which poses another challenge, what will he do with the popularity? Past monarchs keep their opinions to themselves but with all of the popularity he could use it for good and highlight things that need to change. There will always be someone who disagrees with him so it is his choice and the choice of the Royal Family to decide what he will do during his monarchy. 


King Charles has been in line for the throne since he was three. Making him one of the most prepared Monarchs in history since Queen Elizabeth has been Queen for 71 years! King Charles is well known for his marriage to Princess Diana and for their two kids, Prince Harry and Prince William. Prince Harry recently left the royal family and is living in California with his wife Megan. He says he is living the life his mom would want to live. Prince William is now the next in line for the throne and since Charles is now king he is the Prince of Wales and his wife, Kate, is the Princess of Wales. Kate will be the first person to hold that position since Princess Diana. King Charles is married to Camilla, who is now the Queen consort. Lots of people blame her for the breakup of Diana and Charles. 8 years after Princess Diana’s death when Charles remarried most of the public was still furious about Diana’s death and didn’t like the new marrige. But after 10 years of their marriage people started to accept her and Queen Elizabeth stated that she wanted Kate to be known as the Queen’s consort.