Sports Update- September

Sports Update- September

Elizabeth Robbins, Reporter

Volleyball and Cross Country have started! The girls volleyball team played on 9/19/22, the A Team won! The B Team also played on 9/19/22 and they lost but played an amazing game! Some of the players were interviewed about how their season is going! Sofia Gaona and Annaelle-Grace Mpiana were interviewed.

Here are some interviews from the players:

  • How do you think the season is going?
    • The season is going great, we have really improved since our first practice! 


  • I think our season has been going great so far! Although we haven’t had that many practices we still have made a ton of progress and have grown together as a group! – Sofia
  • Do you like playing volleyball?
    • I love playing volleyball, I have been so interested ever since 3rd grade, I just love sports in general. – Annaelle
    • The short answer would be yes. I not only like playing it because it’s fun but I can learn a lot from it, make new friendships while growing in skill, but also because I can see for myself why my mom loved this sport so much. – Sofia
  • Is there something special about playing for your school? 
    • I think that what makes playing for my school so special is playing with my friends and having fun at practice! – Annaelle
    • Honestly, it doesn’t feel that different from playing for a team. The only thing that really changed was that I don’t have to drive to a place to practice but instead, have it close by inside our school. – Sofia
  • What’s your favorite aspect of the sport?
    • I think my favorite aspect of the sport is probably serving. It is so quiet (most of the time) and you don’t have to worry about anyone running into you or yelling to get the ball. It’s kind of calming and if you make it over someone misses the ball and it’s in the court you get an ACE. – Annaelle
    • My favorite aspect of playing volleyball is that it’s a team effort. I like this because when we make mistakes, everyone can learn from that and make an effort to improve it. I like how we can meet new people we never knew existed til that point, and make new friendships between different grades and connect with one another, I guess. And even if we aren’t really good or are just a beginner we have people who encourage you and help you learn and grow.  – Sofia


Cross country has also started, they have had two meets so far! Flagstaff is doing awesome! We got 2nd place for girls and 11th place for boys! Alaan Foster in 8th grade got 4th place for girls, with a time of 7:17! That’s an amazing time! Go dragons!