Interview with a Few- September

Michelle Nguyen, Reporter

For September, I interviewed three students.

The students I interviewed were: 


Kiana Quintana – 6th grade 

Miles Montgomery – 7th grade

Lakshmi Thanikasalam – 8th grade


What are you doing this weekend?


Kiana Quintana – This weekend I am going to hangout with my friends.

Miles Montgomery-   I am going to Leadville this weekend since my brother has a mountain bike race.

Lakshmi Thanikasalam -This weekend I am celebrating my birthday.


What is your favorite book?


Kiana Quintana – My favorite book is probably Best Nerds Forever.

Miles Montgomery-   My favorite book is the Power of Crisis by Ian Bremmer.

Lakshmi Thanikasalam – I don’t have a favorite book. 


What do you enjoy doing?


Kiana Quintana – I enjoy dancing.

Miles Montgomery-  I like to read, knit, or spend time outside. 

Lakshmi Thanikasalam – I enjoy running, paddleboarding and spending time with friends and family.