2022 Monkeypox Outbreak

Bella DeNicholas, Editor

May of 2022 marked the start of the Global Monkeypox outbreak. The initial place the outbreak started was in the United Kingdom. The first case was found and confirmed March 6, 2022. The individual with this disease had gone on vacation to Nigeria, bringing the Monkeypox with them. From May 18th to now cases of the Monkeypox have risen at an alarming rate. This disease has spread to North America, South America, Australia, Asia, and some parts of Africa. The United States has the highest cases of Monkeypox in the world. Luckily for us, the Monkeypox has very rare deadly cases, only 1-3% known people have died due to Monkeypox. Cases in children and immunocompromised people are more severe. Most cases in children and middle aged adults will clear up in 2-4 weeks. To know you have Monkeypox and to keep you and your family safe, one of the symptoms is a small rash with lesions on it. Usually, in 2-4 weeks the lesions dry up and fall off. More symptoms are having a severe headache, body aches, or a fever. Most symptoms arise a week or two after being exposed. The main way to get the Monkeypox is touching skin-skin. Another way to get it is by touching something someone who has Monkeypox touched. To keep from getting Monkeypox, avoid touching as many things as possible, and keep your skin from touching others. Some animals can carry the Monkeypox but there are very rare cases. The cases are rising, but the death rates aren’t. Help avoid spreading the disease by having someone check your skin to make sure no lesions are forming, and stay home if there are.