Monthly Debate- September

Monthly Debate- September

Mandy Roth and Olive Spohn


I think winter is the best season because I love holidays and winter has so many fun holidays. I also like winter because of all the winter sports and activities you can do, from skiing to sledding you will find me out in the snow. Finally, I think winter is the best season for the food: hot chocolate, candy canes, chocolate, apple cider, gingerbread and more. How can you not love winter?   



I believe that Fall is the best season because of the nice weather, the beautiful trees, and Halloween. I love the weather in the fall because it’s cool enough to wear long sleeves, but it’s also warm enough to stay comfortable. I also love looking at all the beautiful trees, and going on walks to enjoy the variety of colors. Finally, I love fall because of Halloween. Halloween is a fun, chaotic holiday that everyone can enjoy by simply hanging out and eating candy. I think that Fall is a wonderful season with a wide variety of activities to enjoy.