Interview with a Few-August

Michelle Nguyen, Reporter

For August, I interviewed three students.
The students I interviewed were:

Marisa Salazar-6th grade
Elise Faust-7th grade
Alaan Foster-8th grade

What are you excited for this year?

Marisa Salazar – Dissections

Elise Faust – I’m excited to go to Pingree Park this year!

Alaan Foster – I’m excited to spend time with my friends, and experience all the fun opportunities that 8th graders get.

What are your goals for this year?

Marisa Salazar – Finishing 6th Grade.

Elise Faust – My goals are to get a 4.0 and make new friends!

Alaan Foster – My goals are to have a great cross country season, have fun with my friends, and learn something new and interesting that I’ll remember forever!

What is your favorite class?

Marisa Salazar – Anatomy, French, and Spanish.

Elise Faust – My favorite classes right now are Science and Creative Writing.

Alaan Foster – I like Band, Anatomy, and Math.