Flash Fiction- August

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Parker yawned. She opened her eyes slowly and stretched her arms. She rolled out of bed and down the stairs. She popped some bread in the toaster and got dressed. After buttering and eating her toast she brushed her teeth and hair. Parker went back up to her room and read her book. It was 5:30 in the morning, so none of her five siblings were awake to make noise and disrupt her yet. She heard her father go off to work, and her mother start the coffee maker. The birds were chirping, the sun was creeping up. It was a pleasant Saturday morning. Until…


Parker jumped, startled. She heard all of her siblings begin to move, and it sounded much like an avalanche as all five of them pushed and shoved their way down the stairs, all screaming and yelling. This was at the point of pure chaos. Parker groaned. She bookmarked the page she was on, and made her way down the stairs after her siblings. Her mother was in the kitchen, arms folded, and looking extremely cross. She was standing right in front of the empty cookie jar. “WHO DID IT!?” She yelled. There was silence. “I WILL GIVE ALL OF YOU A DAY TO CONFESS. AND IF THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN, YOU ALL WILL HAVE TO CLEAN THE HORSE STABLES.”
“Nooooo!” All of the kids groaned. They glared at each other exchanging looks that said ‘If you don’t confess, I’ll get you.’
“Ahem! You are dismissed.” Mother said. Parker’s siblings dispersed. Parker narrowed her eyes. She made it her personal mission to find the culprit.

Suspect List
George- Age 15
Malissa – Age 14
Tori – Age 11 .
William – Age 6 .
Alex – Age 6 . .

Last seen- Friday night, 5:30 pm.
Stolen approximately at- 6:00 pm.

First up: George. Parker marched right up to him. “Where were you last night at 6:00!”
“Umm, is this an interrogation?” He said, looking around.
“Alright, I was in my room playing video games.”
“Which games?”
“Y’know, games.”
“Okay. Time to investigate.” Parker stomped up to George’s room. It did indeed seem that he had played games last night. Even Alex said he had played with him. “You’re safe for now, George and Alex, but I will now integrate Alex’s twin, William. He’s very suspicious.”