Unpopular Opinions – April

Avery Cotten, Editor

  • I love school and hate when there’s a snow day, I like cats better than dogs. – Kat, 7th Grade
  • Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate – Maddie Nix, 7th Grade
  • I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, I think that chickens are scary but ducks are amazing, I like milk. – Anna Prok, 8th Grade
  • I eat ketchup with ramen and I hate soy sauce, and honeyed meat sounds disgusting. I also think Roblox is overrated. – Anupriya A.M., 6th Grade
  • Usually most American dramas are just very weird and  have many love scenes, Fortnite is boring, Waterworld is very overrated – Rosaley Chea, 6th Grade
  • I like pickles, I don’t like PB & J, but I like them both in separate sandwiches, I put honey on my pizza crust. – Maya R., 6th Grade