April This or That

April This or That

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

M&M’s vs Jelly Beans?

M&M’s 64%, Jelly Beans 36%


Candy vs Money?

Candy 8%, Money 92%


Real Egg vs Fake Egg?

Real Egg 60% vs Fake Egg 40%


Color Eggs vs Don’t Color Eggs?

Color Eggs 96.2% vs Don’t Color Eggs 3.8%


Is the Easter Bunny Creepy: Yes vs No?

Yes 64% vs No 36%


Polka Dots vs Zig Zags?

Polka Dots 50% vs Zig Zags 50%


Would you rather have bunny ears or a bunny tail?

Bunny Ears 79.2% vs Bunny Tail 20.8%


Do you celebrate Easter: Yes vs No?

Yes 92.3% vs No 7.7%


Chocolate Egg vs Marshmallow Peep?

Chocolate Egg 75% vs Marshmallow Peep 25%