April Interview With a Few

April Interview With a Few

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

For April, I interviewed three students. The students I interviewed were:


Nat Yockunavut – 8th grade


Bella Mahoney – 7th grade


Anupriya Anil Mylevahanan – 6th grade


What are your plans for Easter?

Nat – “Nothing.”

Bella – “Make eggs and go to church.”

Anupriya – “My plans for Easter are to sit around all day and eat candy.”


What’s your favorite Easter candy?

Nat – “Kinder eggs.”

Bella – “Kinder eggs, peeps, or carmel eggs.”

Anupriya – “My favourite Easter candy is chocolate eggs.”


Do you think egg hunts are fun?

Nat – “Yes but I’m too old for them.”

Bella – “Yes, I do.”

Anupriya – “I absolutely ADORE egg hunts.”