Interview with a Few – March

Interview with a Few - March

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

For March, I interviewed three students. The students I interviewed were: 


Lauren Fedorczyk – 8th grade

Jack O’hara – 7th grade

Kai Quintana – 6th grade


Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Lauren – “Yes.”

Jack –  “Yes.”

Kai – “I kind of celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”


Do you think people should pinch others if they aren’t wearing green on St. Patrick’s day?

Lauren – “Yes.”

Jack –  “Yes.”

Kai – “I think that people shouldn’t get pinched for not wearing green but it’s part of the holiday to wear green though.”


Would you rather a pot of gold or a single diamond?

Lauren – “Pot of gold.”

Jack –  “Pot of Gold, but if the diamond was super big I would pick the diamond.”

Kai – “Also probably a pot of gold because it’s also part of the holiday.”