March Unpopular Opinions

Avery Cotten, Reporter

  • Encanto is the best Disney movie in the existence of the animation company. – Nat Y., 8th grade
  • Encanto is just not that good – Bree Otto, 8th Grade
  • Spaghetti and meatballs aren’t good – Anonymous
  • Salad is very good, fries in ice cream is bad, chocolate is not good – Milo Peterson, 8th Grade
  • Star Wars movies are slow and overrated, school is only fun because of friends, reading for fun is bad, L.A is boring, Shrek is amazing but Shrek 2 is better, water is the best drink ever, milk is amazing, Takis are overrated, Cheetos are overrated, Pringles are overrated, Ruffles are ok, Social Studies is best core, rain is better than snow, crunchy cookies are for milk and chewy cookies are best by themselves, hot is better than cold, energy drinks are overrated – Anonymous