Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Daniel was busy sitting in class and looking out the window. He was daydreaming about whatever came to his mind at the moment. He snapped back to reality when the teacher called his name, “Daniel, what is the answer?”

Daniel looked up at the board intently. 3 x 8? That’s eight three times. So 8 + 8 + 8. He knew that 8+8 is 16, and 16+8 is 24. “The answer is twenty-four,” Daniel answered.

“Good work Daniel!” The teacher nodded at him. “Okay, well that concludes this math class. Let’s go on to storytime! Today, we will be reading the book ‘The Leprechaun’s Gold’. Everyone come to the story-corner!”

All of the students gathered into the small corner. It was a closed off space, outlined with bookshelves, and carpeted with a very soft carpet. There was a big white wooden rocking chair for the teacher by the edge, with some decorative pillows for comfort, with a small table to place a mug, extra books, a lamp, or scented humidifier. There were a couple of bean bags around, and a soft glow from the fairy lights surrounding the area. It always gave off a relaxing, calm, and sleepy vibe. Daniel loved it.

He took a spot on the carpet, since the beanbags were already claimed. He sat upright, criss cross applesauce. Today, a mug of herbal tea and a small glowing lamp was occupying the table. The teacher took her place in the chair, and began reading the book. “Our story begins…” She said. The story was about a little boy who caught a leprechaun, and made him reveal the location of his pot of gold. The boy released him after he told, and the leprechaun disappeared almost instantly. The boy tied a red cloth around a stick nearby so he would remember where the gold was so that he could dig it up the next day. The boy prepared and came with a shovel, only to realize the leprechaun tricked him, and he put a red cloth on hundreds of little sticks coming from the ground. The boy went home, defeated.
Daniel was fascinated by the story. I wonder if I could capture a Leprechaun? He thought to himself. St. Patricks day was coming up soon… in only five days!

Daniel got started on his trap as soon as he got home. He knew Leprechauns love gold, so he used this to his advantage. He took some gold coins. He put them in a safe place for later.

First, Daniel took a large box from the garage. He knew leprechauns were short, so the box didn’t have to be too big. Daniel covered the outsides with colorful construction paper because Leprechauns also loved rainbows. He made a small indent for his ladder and contraption. He made a beautiful rainbow also, at the end of the box, where it stood upright. He colored the inside of the box. Daniel didn’t want to be too mean to the Leprechaun, so he put a small bed he made out of paper in the box, and other things the guy might like.

Next, he made a little seesaw contraption. He took a small wooden plank, and made it colorful. He also put a little green platform at the end, because green is Leprechaun’s favorite color. This is also where he would keep the gold, so he could lure the leprechaun.

Daniel drilled a hole through the plank, and through the box. He put a skewer through it, so that when there was enough weight on either side, it would tip over. And when the weight was gone, it would go back into place. He took the plank, and put it in the indent, so if there was enough weight on one side, it would not fall because the box would catch it. He also used rubber bands to make sure it worked correctly.

Then, out of popsicle sticks, he created a ladder for the leprechaun to climb up. He added a little note inside, explaining everything, and also one outside, saying ‘Gold here!’

After a few last finishing touches and details he was done. He put the gold on the end of the plank, and a golden trail to lure the leprechaun. He placed it outside, in a very good place. The plan was that the leprechaun would see the sign and find the golden trail, follow it, and be attracted to the colorful rainbows and gold. He would climb up the ladder and follow the trail onto the seesaw. Then the seesaw plank would tip as soon as he got past the pressure point, and he would fall into the box. He would read the letter, and not be able to get back out, because the plank would go back up, with the use of the rubber bands. The Leprechaun would read the note, and rest in the bed, and enjoy the gold he got.

That was the plan. Now, Daniel set it into action. He went to sleep with excitement on St. Patrick’s Day eve. The next morning, he woke up, and jumped out of bed. He checked his trap.
IT WORKED! There was a leprechaun inside the box, dazed and confused, pockets full of gold. “Yes!” Daniel squealed in delight.

“Eeh? Who are you?” The Leprechaun asked.

“Oh, right! I’m Daniel. And I caught you! Can you tell me where you hid your gold please?”

“What!? You want my gold!?” He exclaimed.

“Yes, and if you tell me, I’ll let you go!” Daniel replied.

After a bit of arguing, the Leprechaun gave in. “Oh, alright, I’ll tell you,” The leprechaun sighed, “My gold is located at the end of the rainbow. There’ll be one tomorrow. Now let me go!”

“Okay, thank you!” Daniel said, finally letting the Leprechaun out.

The next day, there was a rainbow. Daniel kept following the rainbow for ages. One of his friends also came along. It was Sarah. She said, “I’m pretty sure rainbows are circles. They don’t have ends!”

“Yes, I know,” Daniel replied, “But I believe in magic, and I’m sure if we keep trying, we’ll find it.”

Sure enough, all they had to do was persevere. After an entire day of travel, they found the pot of gold!

“YAY!” They both celebrated. “Thanks, Leprechaun!” Daniel exclaimed.

They went back home after a long day, and went to bed, dreaming about all of the things they would do with the gold the next day.

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