Nothing’s fair in love and war – A Ukraine Poem


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IRPIN, UKRAINE – MARCH 07: Residents of Irpin flee heavy fighting via a destroyed bridge as Russian forces entered the city on March 07, 2022 in Irpin, Ukraine. Yesterday, four civilians were killed by mortar fire along the road leading from Irpin to Kyiv, which has been a key evacuation route for people fleeing Russian forces advancing from the north. Today, Ukraine rejected as “unacceptable” a Russian proposal for a humanitarian corridor that leads from Kyiv to Belarus, a Russian ally that was a staging ground for the invasion. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Maya Rokhlenko, 6th Grader

Why must they sleep in the hall fully dressed, scared                  

Filled with terror and ready to run from home

At any minute because of a war that 

Has no purpose but a man’s want for power

That they run from their home to city so far

With very few things in their very small car

They sit and they stare in the traffic so long

They sit and they stare at the joke gone too far

They sit and they stare at their home so long gone


The most restless of nights and day just as long

Adrenaline driven until it is gone

The cat and the dog in the very small car

With a bus with family so far beyond


And the city so far is finally here

All they want is the life of ten days before

But nobody knows what life is in a war

They do not know what their life is anymore 


And here I am, my own small car, across seas

Safe and sound, with restless nights, and here I am

Trying to memorize the cracks in the wall 

Trying to remember each stone in the road

Every. Single. Thing

Because no one knows what tomorrow will bring

Who’s safe then, or even who is safe now.