Creative Writing – Landing in a Fairy Tale Chapter 7

Creative Writing - Landing in a Fairy Tale Chapter 7

SPOILER ALERT – Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban


Chapter 7: 


“Harry Potter!” Norah said with excitement. 


The walls around them started to spin. “Urgh, I think I’m gonna be sick,” Charlie groaned. The closet lurched to a stop. 


“It’s okay, we’ll just get you to Madam Pomfrey.” Norah grinned. Charlie rolled his eyes.


“C’mon, this way!” Macey shouted! They followed her around the corner, coming to a stop when they saw Hermione, Ron, and Harry standing in front of Draco and his goons. 


“You filthy little mudblood!” Draco yelled as they approached. Right after he said this Charlie came up and punched him square in the nose. “You do not call my favorite character a filthy mudblood, Malfoy.” Charlie said through gritted teeth. 


“Uhm, sorry about that, we need to go, so, um, byeeee!” Norah called, dragging her brother away. 


They ran to the healing center, kneeling behind a rock just outside of the entrance. “Okay, I’m pretty sure we’re in the third book of Harry Potter.” Norah whispered, “Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!” She started jumping giddily then she gasped and drew in a sharp breath.  “OMG, we can go on the time thingy with them, can we? Please, please, please, pleaaase!!!” Just as she finished talking, Harry and Hermione limped into the room with Ron in between them. “Oh my gosh, they must have just heard the news that Sirius is going to get the kiss! We have to go with them!!” 


“Wait what…?” Macey paused.


“Oh, there are just Dementors trying to suck the soul out of Harry Potter’s godfather and make him depressed his entire life.” Charlie replied casually. 


“…Oh…” Macey shivered, “Yikes!”


“Shhh!” Norah hushed them. They all peeked up and saw Hermione and Harry talking to each other. Hermione took a locket out of her shirt, and swung part of the chain around Harry’s neck. “They’re doing it!” Norah began to lunge forward. Charlie grabbed her left arm, and Macey grabbed her right, but Norah was too strong, and dragged them both along. She flung herself at the pair, and about a million things happened in one singular moment. Hermione and Harry both screamed, Macey yelped, Charlie said “Ohhh boy.” The nurses started rewinding and moving backward. Norah grinned in delight. Time began to reverse itself. 


Once everything returned to a stop, and their stomachs stopped churning, Hermione made out, “WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?” 


“Um… I’m Norah, This is Charlie, that’s Macey,” Norah said, pointing around the circle, “And we’re here to help!”

“Uh, no thanks,” Harry said. 


Hermione hesitated, “I’ve read about this in books! You-”

“Girl, you’re IN a book!” Charlie said. 


Hermione paid no mind to him, and continued talking “-You guys are from like, the future or something…? Here to help us, right?” 


“Um, mostly. Kinda.” Macey said. 


Hermione shrugged. “Alright,” she said. Hermione led them out, and after past Hermione punched Draco yet again, they went off to Hagrid’s. 

“Sorry, Draco!” Macey whispered as they passed. 


Once they hid behind the huge pumpkins, they began the process. They saw themselves in Hagrid’s house, and once the executioner passed where they hid, Norah whispered, “It’s now or never. Buckbeak, come on guys!”


They all snuck over to the great creature. The hippogriff snorted several times, and only after Norah handed the cooked ferrets to Hermione, did the Hippogriff follow them. They brought Buckbeak into the woods, and waited it out. It seemed like a dreadfully long time full of anticipation until the executioners finally left. Everyone let out the sigh of relief, not even realizing they had been holding their breaths. 


“Okay, now, I think it is time for the werewolves and dementors…” Charlie said. 


“No!” Macey cried, “I don’t wanna go!” 


“Macey, you’ve always been so brave, and adventurous, what’s wrong?” Norah asked gently. 


“D-d-dementor’s kiss!” Macey cried, “I wanna keep my soul!” She started bawling. 


“Aww, shhhh, Mace, It’ll be alright!” Norah said comforting Macey, “Hey, I already know that Harry and Serius are going to be alright, how about we go kick someone else’s butt?” Norah looked up at Charlie for reassurance. Charlie agreed with a nod. 


“Yeah, c’mon Mace, it’ll be fun! What do you say?” Charlie extended a hand. Macey peeked out of Norah’s shoulder. Slowly, she reached out and grabbed it tight. Charlie pulled her away from Norah, and she stood up.

“Hey, good luck!” Charlie said.


All five went their different paths. Harry and Hermione heading off in one direction, and the three siblings in the other, hand in hand. 


Together they stepped into the wardrobe. “Hey Macey, you can decide. Where do you want to go? Whose butt are we going to kick next?” Charlie asked. 


A mysterious, slightly maniacal smile stretched across Macey’s face. “I know…”