February This or That

February This or That

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

Roses vs Chocolates?

Roses 4.8% vs Chocolates 95.2%


Sweetheart Candies vs Hershey’s Kisses?

Sweetheart Candies 33.3% vs Hershey’s Kisses 66.7%


Pink vs Red?

Pink 38.1% vs Red 61.9%


Online vs In-person valentines?

Online 4.8% vs In-Person 95.2%


Spending Valentine’s day with friends vs family?

Friends 65% vs Family 35%


Valentines Party vs No Homework?

Party 71.4% vs No Homework 28.6%


Platonic vs Romantic?

Platonic 45% vs Romantic 55%


Cupid vs Aphrodites?

Cupid 52.4% vs Aphrodites 47.6%


Flowers vs Hearts?

Flowers 66.7% vs Hearts 33.3%