Monthly Debate – Should We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Monthly Debate - Should We Celebrate Valentines Day?

Elyse Prestopnik and Avery Cotten

Elyse: Valentine’s Day is a cool holiday, it’s a time for love and flowers and chocolates, but that’s kind of the problem. It’s an awesome holiday for couples but what about the people who are single? They don’t get flowers or chocolates. There is always the possibility that you can hang out with friends but they might be hanging out with their significant other. Don’t get me wrong, I think Valentine’s Day is a cool holiday, but I also think it can make people feel left out.

Avery: I love Valentine’s Day. It’s always been a day I look forward to, even if I feel alone. I enjoy giving people things and making people’s day brighter. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be lonely but I can always find ways to help me feel better and less alone. I also find people like my friends to be my valentine. I know that people often feel left out on Valentine’s Day but I feel like the holiday can be enjoyed whether you are single, taken, or if it’s complicated.