Unpopular Opinions

Avery Cotten, Reporter

-I spread my jelly with a fork, I don’t like shrimp, I love coleslaw. – Blayre Cotten, 6th grade
-We deserve another Pingree-type trip for 8th grade – Nat Y., 8th grade
-Socks are weird and uncomfortable, fish and seafood is gross, hairless cats are cute, bagel should be spelled like begel – -Katelin VonFelt, 8th grade
-Race cars aren’t loud – Azriel Watson, 8th grade
-Bees are cute – Dylan Blackwell, 8th grade
-I don’t like pumpkin pie, I really hate the number 6, and any number with 6 in it….. except 66. – Elyse Prestopnik, 7th grade