Flash Fiction – February

Flash Fiction - February

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

“Clarice!” My mother called from downstairs, “You’re going to be late for school again!”

“Urphghh…,” I mumbled, stumbling out of bed. I was never early for anything. And I was always late for school. There was no point in trying. The last time I tried to be early, the traffic jam was so bad we got there ten times later than usual. It was basically a curse.

I squinted my eyes to filter out the bright lights. After pulling my clothes on and running a brush through my tangled hair, I trudged down the stairs. I wanted nothing more than to lie back in my comfortable, warm, incredible bed again.

Mom was scrambling eggs for breakfast. After finishing, I brushed my teeth, my eyes still only half open. I was not a morning person. But once I looked at the calendar, my eyes flew open. Valentines day! I got ready as quickly as I could. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and made my way out the door. Once I got to school, late as always, I opened my locker and stuffed my bag in. It kinda looked like a diseased unicorn threw up everywhere. It was an absolute disaster in there. If I told someone that somebody threw a bomb in there, they’d probably beleive me.

Usually, I’d ignore the mess. But today there was something else. A pink piece of paper in the shape of a heart. It floated out of my locker and slowly fluttered down to the ground. I caught It before it touched the floor. I flipped it around, and my eyes widened as I realized it was a love letter. There was a small box with those sweetheart candies.


Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Sugar is Sweet,
And so are You.
Sunflowers are Yellow,
You haven’t got a clue,
How my heart
Is full of love for you.

-Your Secret Admirer

My heart began to thump wildly. I placed the note back in my locker. I wandered to class in a dream-like state. Someone… Admired me? Once I took a seat, I glanced around the room, searching for anyone who might have left the letter. James? Kurtis? Liam? No, not them. Zander was really cool though. Maybe he left it. I snuck over to him. “Hey,” I whispered. He jumped with surprise. “Did you leave a note in my locker?” I asked.

“Gosh, no! You’re creepy!” He replied. With a disappointed feeling, I slunk back into my seat.

I tried to ask every boy in my class, and they all said the same thing; “No.” I felt so defeated. Who would leave it? Was it just a prank? I slouched in my seat, going so low, I could no longer see the board. I pulled my hoodie over my face, and crossed my arms. I wracked my brain. Maybe it was a different boy from a different class. I was startled out of my thoughts when the teacher called my name.


“Oh! Uh, Bduhf, H-here!” I scrambled up to a seated position.

“No, answer the question.” The teacher gritted his coffee stained teeth.

“The…Question?” I wondered. “Oh,” I gasped when I saw the problem on the board. I had absolutely no idea what any of it meant. Gosh, I should have paid more attention. “Ah ha… Uh… sevennn…teen?” I guessed.

“No.” He said dangerously quietly. “Try again.”

I swear there was an evil grin on his face. “Um, two.” I guessed again.

“N- wait. How did you get that right!?” He exclaimed. His face was a little purple from rage as he turned back to the board. “Cheater.” He mumbled so quiet I could barely even hear him.
Ha. Didn’t get me this time.

I narrowed my eyes again as I thought.
A while later, I found another note in my locker. This time it was on red paper. And there was a hershey’s kiss taped to it.

Clairece, here are the reasons I love you:
You are you
Here is a kiss!

-Your secret admirer

My heart fluttered. I felt my cheeks get warm. Whoever it was, they were extremely cheesy. I caught myself smiling. No, I don’t even know who it is yet, I told myself. I shoved the note back into the locker, and my feelings back down out of my heart. With a deep breath I went outside for a break. I walked out into the chilly afternoon air. Shoot! I forgot my sweater. I began to walk around and rub my arms to keep myself from shivering too violently. After I kicked a pinecone across the ground, I jumped when I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

“You cold?” There was a momentary pause before a fuzzy warm coat was placed over my shoulders. I spun around.

“Oh! Zo!” I exclaimed, “T-thank you!” My stomach filled with butterflies. Gosh, why did I always have this feeling around her? It was uncomfortable! …But in a way, it was warm and cozy and safe and happy. Just like the coat. “Oh, erm… W-what ab-b-bout y-y-you?” I stuttered. I covered my face with my hands as I felt my face turn beat red. What was with the stuttering!? Why now? Wait, why did I care? Do I look okay? Does she think I’m pretty? Why am I even thinking this? What if-?

“Hey, I’ll be fine,” Zo giggled. I peeked up at her. Those soft hazel eyes. Perfect short wavy black hair. Cute lopsided dimple grin. Perfect figure. Beautiful personality. Shy, but friendly persona, blushed cheeks. She was so breathtaking.

“I um…” I began.

“‘It’s O.K. Keep it!” She skipped off before I could get another word in.

“But you-” I trailed off. I just stood there, staring at her as she left, speechless. But then my eyes widened. Her scent was still on the coat. I took a moment to enjoy it. I stopped myself. What am I even doing? My heart was still thumping wildly in my chest.

A strange thought intruded into my mind. What if she was my secret admirer? I had only thought about the guys. But she was a whole different matter. Did I…like her? “No.” I told myself firmly. “Don’t get your hopes up. She wouldn’t like you. That’d be silly.” I stiffened. Kicked the pinecone again. Stuffed my hands into the jacket’s pockets. I paused. There was paper in there. Out of curiosity, I pulled the pieces of paper out. All of them had different candies attached. They were all different colors of heart shaped… love notes. To… To… me. To me. To ME. ME. Zo was my secret admirer! My heart skipped a beat.
I ran as fast as I could possibly run. Zo was still in sight, but almost to the doors. I pumped my legs harder and urged my body to go faster. I called out her name. I finally got there with only seconds to spare. I was breathing heavily.

Panting I said, “You- You’re my… My secret… Admirer!” I gasped, clutching my knees, and trying to catch my breath, breathing heavily in between words.

“Urghfuh..” Zo rambled all flustered. Gosh she was so cute. I reached my arms up around her and embraced her in a hug.

“I think I love you.” I whispered, “Happy Valentine’s day.”
“I- I do too,” Zo answered, wrapping her arms around my waist. “Will you… be my Valentine?”


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