Landing in a Fairy Tale

Landing in a Fairy Tale

Elyse Prestopnik and Kassidy Brackett

Chapter 6:


Macey was so excited to see the world of Peter Pan, that when she opened the closet after it ended spinning, she stepped out without even looking. Only after she had gotten out of the closet did she realize that there was no ground. The wardrobe was on the edge of a cliff, and so she fell. Splashing into the water below, she yelped, “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! It’s s-so c-c-cold!” 


Charlie groaned. He also dove into the freezing water. Norah was about to follow, but she stopped herself. She panned back and forth between the land and the water. It was pretty inviting, but she noticed that they would never be able to get back up to the closet from down below. Hugging the wall close, she shuffled around the closet and onto the cliff. Geez, that’s a long drop. She thought. She felt her stomach do summersaults, and her heart jumping into her throat. Peeking over the edge, she saw Macey and Charlie soaking wet, getting out of the water. She sighed. She really didn’t know what to do. She started to shiver. She hated heights, and they scared her a lot. 


But then she saw a twinkling in the distance. She gasped. Peter Pan! Macey had forced her to read that Peter Pan book over and over to her, so Norah knew him pretty well. “Hey!” She shouted, waving her arms about. “Peter!!” 


The twinkling light stopped moving, then grew bigger and bigger as it got closer and closer, until he was standing there right in front of her. “H-hey Peter Pan… Umm I was just wondering if you could help me down? I know you don’t know me but…”

“Sure!” Peter didn’t let Norah finish. He snatched her up and flew her down. Norah held in her scream and squeezed her eyes shut. She hugged him so tight because she was terrified of the prospect of falling. It seemed like it took ages, and she was tempted to look several times. But soon, Peter said cheerfully, “We’re here!”

Norah let out a sigh of relief. She almost felt like kissing the ground like she saw one person do on T.V. Instead she gave Peter a hug of gratitude, and then ran over to her siblings, and embraced them. Squeezing them into a tight bear hug, she held Macey and Charlie. “U-uh-g I c-can’t breathe.” Charlie managed. 


“Woops!” Norah giggled as she pulled away. They both started panting. “Thanks!” Norah said, turning to Peter with a big smile. 


“Yeah, no problem,” He replied, “Okay byeeeeeeeee.” He waved, and flew off. 


“Oh great. Now we’re stranded.” Charlie groaned. “Well, we better get ready to be here a while, there’s no way we’re getting back up there,” he gestured towards the cliff. They all sighed. 


“Macey, you go get something to eat,” Norah said gently. Macey happily obliged, and skipped off. Norah slouched down. “This was so silly of us! We shouldn’t have gone in the closet in the first place.” She sat down on a nearby rock and wove her fingers through her hair.


“Nors,” Charlie dropped the sticks he was holding to make a fire, “I’m sorry.” He walked over. After a while and after he thought about it, he said, “But it has been really fun. And I am kind of glad that we came. I can’t really explain it; realizing you have to survive on your own isn’t my ideal; but I’m still glad.” 


Norah looked up through her hair, “You’re right.” She said with a smile, “Moping around is not gonna help!” She stood up and put a determined face on. “I had better go get Macey,” she laughed. But she tilted her head in a curious way when she saw the look of horror engraved on her brother’s face. He was looking at something behind her, so she turned. And then she gasped. 


Macey was there. But she was being held hostage by the great Captain hook on his ship. “Hah!” He bellowed. “I heard that Peter Pan trusts you, so if I destroy you all, I can destroy him!” 


“Urgh!” Macey shoved his hand away from her mouth so she could speak, “That’s really messed up logic,” She began before Hook clamped his good hand over her mouth again. 


Norah’s eyes grew wide. Oh no. I mean we are supposed to help Peter Pan aren’t we? We have to save Macey. Charlie and Norah began looking around wildly, they needed to end this thing, and fast. Suddenly, they heard Peter Pan, “Norah, think fast!” A sword whipped through the air at cheetah speed, racing towards Norah. She screamed, shut her eyes tight, held out her hand… and…caught it. She opened her eyes. “Oh my gosh.” She mumbled. “Charles, here!”


Charlie jumped up onto the ship, took the sword, and swung at Captain Hook’s non hooked hand. He missed completely, just slashing some of his coat. This made him angry, and he took another swing. This time, he was right on point. Captain Hook’s hand went flying and splashed down into the water. Captain Hook stumbled back. He cried out and raced over to the edge of his ship, just to see his hand gobbled up by the ‘tick tock croc’ Crocodile who had eaten his first hand. “NOOOOO!” He bellowed, falling onto his knees. Macey started jumping up and down excitedly, which earned her some pretty confused looks. She took out lipstick. “Macey,” Norah cried, “No make up until you are an adult!”


Macey rolled her eyes. “Bi-ANA gave it to me.” She said stubbornly, “I knew it’d come in handy.”


Suddenly, with the turn of the stick, it turned into a hook. She slammed it onto the bare stub where Hook’s hand used to be. “I always wondered why it turned into a hook,” She giggled, “Now I know why!”


She turned around to find that Peter Pan was standing there. “Thanks little nipper!” He said. “I came as soon as I heard, but It looks like you and your friends saved the day! Let me return the favor.” He sprinkled some pixie dust on them all, and strapped a pouch of the magic dust on Charlie’s belt. 


“Thanks, but…” Charlie started to float. 

“OMG I CAN FLY!” Norah squealed, “Now we can go back home!” She waved her hands around excitedly.


“Finally!” Macey squealed, “Sorry Peter Pan, I love your world, but it’s better when it’s just in a book and not when Hook is trying to destroy me!”


They laughed as they flew back up to the closet. 


“Where can we go next?” Charlie wondered. 


“I think I might have an Idea.” Norah said. They jumped back into the closet. They closed the door behind them.