STEM Fair Competition

STEM Fair Competition

Elizabeth Robbins and Azriel Watson

The STEM Fair competition was on 12/14/21, lot’s of middle schoolers participated. 3rd place was Kendall Toothaker with a Biometric Locker. 2nd place was Elyse Prestopnik with the project Effects of Sound on Word Recognition. And in first place was….. Eli Krause with the project Learning Using Games! 11 other people qualified for the next level STEM fair competition:  


Anna Prok: Never Kill a Plant Again

Charlie Danko: A Claw for Arthritis

Lakshmi Thanikasalam: Capillary Action Investigation and Empirical Modeling

Katrina Hack: Comparative Soundwave Quality

Milo Peterson: Flagstaff Air Quality

Mandy Roth: Does Jumping Higher in a Dog Result in More Force?

Daniel Simmonds: Pre Workout Safer and Healthier Pre Workout for Youth

Cole Ingebretson: Science of Spin

Bella DeNicholas: New and Reusable Breakaway Halter

Diya Mehta: Heartburn Home Remedies Fact or Myth

Victor Wang: Password Generator Advanced