New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

New Year’s resolutions are traditions in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of a new year. Some of the most common resolutions are: Get in shape, eat healthier, stop procrastinating, improve your concentration, meet new people, be more active, develop confidence, etc. Are any of these in your new year’s resolution? 

New Year’s resolutions are a good way for you to change how your life is turning out, and as long as you work for it, and accomplish your goal, your life will improve. It is important to think of a new year as a new chapter in your life, and the pages are blank, and ready for you to fill them up. Fill them up with positive instead of negative. It is like turning over a new leaf. 

New Year’s Resolutions offer an opportunity for making change and improvement. Chances are that more than 90% of people will fail to achieve their resolutions, with most having abandoned them by the end of January! According to a 2016 study, of the 41% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, by the end of the year only 9% feel they are successful in keeping them. By knowing what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts.

To accomplish and make goals, you need to have the right mindset. Tell yourself that you can do this. And work on it every day. But you also have to make sure the goal is possible, and very important to you. Without motivation to do something, you will have a harder time doing it. Then you can begin making a plan. It could be a plan that is complicated, has many steps, and takes a long time, or it could just be simple and easy. Whatever it is, make sure you try and follow it whenever you can. Remember you can always adjust the plan if it is failing. A good way to continue with a goal is to check your progress frequently, and to write it down. Many people have goals, but after a while, they just give up. Another good way to help with this is to start small, and then gradually work on increasing your efforts. But however you decide to accomplish your resolution, make sure you persevere. 

Recently in Flagstaff Academy, several middle school students were asked to complete a form relating to New Year’s Resolutions. These were their answers:


What are some of the new year’s resolutions you have?

Avery C (8th grade): Drink more water, spend more time with my friends, spend more time outside of dance with my girlfriend, read more (my family would not agree lol), journal everyday!

Charlie D (7th grade): One new year’s resolution that I have is to be out in nature more.

Elyse P (7th Grade): One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get less stressed. 

I also want to have more time to write in my books. 


Do you think you will achieve these goals?

Avery C (8th grade): Yes. 

Charlie D (7th grade): Yes. 

Elyse P (7th Grade): Maybe.


Why are these your choices for New Year’s Resolutions?

Avery C (8th grade): Because they are important to me. All these things should help me be happier.

Charlie D (7th grade): I always feel better after I go outside but I never feel like there is time.

Elyse P (7th Grade): It’s nice not to be stressed and writing makes me calm and happy. 


How will you try to achieve these goals?

Avery C (8th grade): I will do everything I can to make time for it.

Charlie D (7th grade): I will remember that I always feel better when I go outside.

Elyse P (7th Grade): I will procrastinate less so that I can get my work done faster and then I will be able to write more. 


Do you think that New Year’s Resolutions are important? Why?

Avery C (8th grade): Yes. I think it’s always important to try to improve yourself and the things you do. 

Charlie D (7th grade): I think that they are because it helps people grow.

Elyse P (7th Grade): Yes and no. I think they are important goals that motivate people but at the same time I know a lot of people that don’t usually complete their’s. 


Have you ever helped anyone with their goals? Has anyone helped you? Tell me about it!

Avery C (8th grade): Yep and yep! My friends are always there for me and i am always there for them. I make sure to keep my phone with me at all times (outside of school and dance) so if anyone needs me, I am there. I also make myself available to anyone at school and anywhere else that they need me. I know what it feels like to need someone and no one to be there.

Charlie D (7th grade): I have helped people with their goals by reminding them.

Elyse P (7th Grade): Yes. No. I don’t remember.