December Science Project

December Science Project

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

WARNING: Make sure to do the following project with a parent for extra precaution. 

NOTE: Make sure to do this outside due to the mess it will make. 


To make a volcano, you will need:

  • 10ml of dish soap
  • 100ml of warm water
  • 400ml of white vinegar
  • Food Coloring
  • Baking soda slurry (fill a cup about ½ with baking soda, then fill the rest of the way with water)
  • Empty 2 liter soda bottle
  • Spoon



  1. Combine the  dish soap, water, vinegar, and 2 drops of food coloring in the empty soda bottle. 
  2. Use the spoon to mix the baking soda slurry until it’s all liquid. 
  3. Eruption time! Pour the baking soda slurry into the soda bottle, and then quickly step back. 


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