December Interview with a Few

December Interview with a Few

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

For December, I interviewed three students. The students I interviewed were:

Bree Otto – 8th Grade

Kassidy Brackett – 7th Grade

Blayre Cotten – 6th Grade

Do you like the snow?
Bree Otto: “Yes, I like snow. I don’t really like the cold, but I like when it’s cold outside so I can have an excuse to stay inside.”
Kassidy Brackett: “Yes I do like the snow! I don’t like how cold it is, but it’s cool to look at and fun to play with!”
Blayre Cotten: “Yes, I love the snow. I like the texture and how cold it can get.”

What gift do you want most this year?
Bree Otto: “The gift I most want this year is probably just a bunch of gift cards because then you can buy whatever you want with them.”
Kassidy Brackett: “I want a virtual reality headset.”
Blayre Cotten: “I want either a puppy or a hunting knife.”

What’s your favorite winter activity?
Bree Otto: “My favorite winter activity is probably ice skating. I really suck at it but it’s still fun to go out with your friends even if your feet hurt really bad from the skates afterwards.”
Kassidy Brackett: “My favorite winter activity is to be warm.”
Blayre Cotten: “My favorite winter activity is snowball fighting with my dad and sister.”


Not a Winter Wonderland