Unpopular Opinions – December

Avery Cotten, Reporter

Cheesecake is really gross, frosting tastes bad – Brynn Schlarb, 8th grade

Dark chocolates nasty, and vegetarians are assigned by the unicorn god – Avy Beltran, 8th grade

I don’t like pickles, I like to dilute everything, I like the pulp in orange juice, I do not like candy corn. – Kassidy Bracket, 7th grade

Cucumbers are literally disgusting, Chocolate ice cream kinda sucks, Cheeseburgers are the worst American food, I can already determine your personality based on the way you dress (in most cases), Sending streaks on snapchat is pointless, Ketchup, mustard, and mayo are gross, Plain nachos are good, Periods are normal so talking about them should be normalized, Using capitalization when texting looks weird. – Mya Haux, 8th grader