Landing in a Fairytale – Chapter 5

Landing in a Fairytale - Chapter 5

Elyse Prestopnik and Kassidy Brackett

Norah crossed her arms as she toppled over into the closet. “No!” Norah screamed. She scrambled to her feet, and bellowed, “Keeper of the Lo-” before Charlie clamped his hand over her mouth. 


“Percy Jackson!” Charlie interrupted her, before this could get too out of hand. After the closet finished spinning, he pulled them through the door, and they all stepped into camp half-blood. 


Squinting to avoid the sun’s bright rays, they all stumbled down a big hill. “Hey…?” A tall blonde boy stared down at them. Charlie’s eyes went wide, he gulped. 


“NO WAY!!! LUKE?” He exclaimed. 


“‘Kay, how the heck do you know me!?” The boy named Luke stepped back in surprise.


“Duh, you’re in a book,” Charlie replied, a little too casual for the manner. Luke stared at him and raised an eyebrow. “Oo-h, I see. We’re only in the first book. Yeah, I know that you are just playing nice. By the way, you are really evil,” Charlie said, planting a fist to his face. Luke stumbled back, dazed. Norah could’ve sworn she saw birds flying in a halo over his head. Suddenly, Charlie started jumping up and down excitedly. His eyes were focused on a spot in the distance. “OMG IT’S PERCY!!” He squealed, “AND ANNABETH TOO!”


“Luke?! What’s going on? Who are you? What have you done to Luke?!” Annabeth asked, horror painting her eyes. 


“Oh… that’s right. You like him, don’t you? Well, you won’t for long. He’s evil. I don’t know how to prove it, but he is.”


“You don’t have evidence. Percy and I don’t believe you.” Annabeth pouted, crossing her arms. Just then a loud roar had all of their heads turning. 


A monster lumbered towards them. Macey let out a sharp screech. Charlie charged towards the monster. It swatted him out of the way with a sweeping motion of his large hand. “NO ONE SHALL GET IN THE WAY OF MASTER” It bellowed, “LUKE WHERE ARE YOUUU!?” 


“See? Told ya,” Charlie groaned, getting up from the ground, “He’s evil.” The monster was swatting everyone out of the way where Luke was cowering behind Annabeth. 


“You are a disgusting roach,” Annabeth spat, “You betrayed me.” She stepped out of the way for the monster to grab him. 


“ROOARRR!” The monster roared. Kicking people out of the way again, he stomped off. After kicking Charlie and Norah for the third time, Maceys’ face contorted into rage. “YOU NO HURT MY SIBLINGS!” She screamed, shaking a finger at it. “GO TO TIME OUT!” 


The monster turned around. Fear was etched in every feature. “N-NOT T-T-TIME OUT!!?” He cried.


“NO!” Macey shouted firmly for the last time, and the monster ran off screaming, still grasping Luke in his claw.  


“Hmph.” She huffed. Her arms were crossed, and her face was in an angry pout. 


“Whoa, Macey!” Percy said, taken aback, “You are scary.”


“Yep!” She replied happily. Skipping back into the closet, she turned to the others, “Come on! MY TURN!” She ordered. Groaning, they all opened the closet door and stepped inside. 


“PETER PAN!” She shouted. 


“Ugh, I should’ve known,” Norah said.


“Peter Pan’s her favorite,” Charlie said, rolling his eyes. 


Pulling their arms, Macey pulled them to the door and let it creak open.