This or That – December

This or That - December

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

Hot Chocolate vs Apple Cider?
Hot Chocolate 70%, Apple Cider 30%

Snowball fight vs Snow Angels?
Snowball fight 80%, Snow Angels 20%

Snowman vs Igloo?
Snowman 27%, Igloo 73%

Ice vs Snow?
Ice 27%, Snow 73%

Marshmallows vs Whipped Cream?
Marshmallows 39%, Whipped Cream 61%

Hat vs Scarf?
Hat 65%, Scarf 35%

Apple Pie vs Apple Crisp?
Apple Pie 62%, Apple Crisp 38%

Playing in the Snow vs Chilling by a Fire?
Playing in the Snow 60%, Chilling by a Fire 40%

Mittens vs Gloves?
Mittens 23%, Gloves 77%