Flash Fiction

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

Far off in the north pole, Santa grumbled as he sat down in his chair. There were only nineteen more days until Christmas! And there were still hundreds of presents to be made! He also hadn’t figured out who the best and most well-behaved child was. For them, he was going to give the best present of all. Santa sighed. It was time to go and find that child. He went into the dark and dusty scroll room. Boxes of every person to have ever existed since Christmas filled the room. “Well… this might take a while,” Santa groaned. 


Meanwhile, a small girl in Israel named Shira was lighting the last candle on the menorah for Hanukkah. She was very excited to be able to finally light the candles this year. She had watched enviously while her brother had gotten the honor to do it the past few years. She also couldn’t wait for all the celebrating and gifts. Her family sat down at the table and her mother brought out a plate loaded with latkes and beef brisket.


A young boy named Amari was picking out a gift for his grandmother for Kwanzaa. Looking around the shop, he spotted a wooden elephant carving. He knew they were his grandmother’s favorite animal, and she loved carvings. He skipped over excitedly to the item and had his dad buy it. He was thrilled to be walking back home with it in his hands.  He imagined seeing her face while his grandma opened the presents. It would be after the celebration dancing and the Kwanzaa feast of course, and he knew grandma’s face would light up when she saw it. 


Santa grumbled as he looked through all the scrolls. After hours of searching for the most well-behaved person, he narrowed it down to two people. Amari, and Shira. He scratched his head. Santa just couldn’t decide. He sighed, then chuckled. “Welp,” he said merrily, “I guess two children will receive the best Christmas presents! Ho Ho Ho!”  

But suddenly an elf tapped his shoulder. “Um, excuse me, sir?” He said, “Erm…these children don’t celebrate Christmas…” 

“Oh dear. We have a dilemma. Oh well” Santa shrugged, “I guess they will be the best Kwanzaa and Haunukka gifts ever! Ho Ho Ho!” Santa decided to deliver the first best present to Shira because Haunukka ended that day. Delivering the present, he saw the surprise and confusion flash across her face. 

“I am really grateful for this present, but who are you?” Shira asked.


“Oh, I am Santa. Most people think that I should only deliver presents to people who celebrate Christmas, but I think that everyone deserves my presents! Especially you. Usually I deliver on Christmas eve so this is a little weird…”


“Oh,” Shira giggled, “You kind of look like Hanukkah Harry! He’s our version of…well you! You should meet him someday.” 


Santa gave a big smile. 


Eighteen days later, it was Christmas Eve. Santa got on his Sleigh and began to deliver presents to all boys and girls. He was so happy to think of how happy they’d be when they saw them. It made him chuckle, “Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!” He bellowed. 


For Amari, Santa decided to give him an early present, because Kwanzaa started on the 26th. He left a little note on the packaging, and went on his merry way. When Amari woke up he was delighted to find the present and the note which explained everything. 


Well, no matter what you celebrate, or what your religion is or who you are, have happy holidays!