Landing in a Fairy Tale

Landing in a Fairy Tale

Kassidy Brackett and Elyse Prestopnik

Chapter 4:

Macey felt a little queasy from all the spinning, and she toppled over into Charlie. 


“Oh boy,” Charlie said as he caught Macey. The characters all turned around with either surprised, annoyed, or questioning looks.  “Nors, I think you should go talk to them. Imma take Macey over there and set her down.” Charlie ran over to a spot by a purple tree and set Macey down.


Norah ran over to the eight characters. “Hi-hi! My name is Norah, and over there is my brother Charlie and my little sister Macey.”


“Hi! My name’s Biana. And omg I love your outfit sooooo much, just add a little blush to your cheeks and it’ll be perfect!” Biana exclaimed, taking out a makeup brush.


“U-Uh, no thanks,” Norah replied sheepishly, stepping back, “I think… I-I think I’m supposed to help you with something… What’s been going on?” she spluttered. 


“Okay, I am a fan,” Keefe stage whispered, “You must be a human. You know what? Maybe you can give me more info on what happens in the human world. Sophie over here isn’t really completing that job for me. Got any chips ahoy?”


“Shut up Keefe!” Sophie nudged his arm. 


“Eeerrmmmm… I have some digestives?” Nora said awkwardly.


“Blech. They suck up all the spit in your mouth. Oh also, you asked what happened? Well, Soph just revealed to everyone that she’s unmatchable. Help everyone get over that!I”


“Umm… What does that even mean? How are we even supposed to help?” Charlie groaned. 


“Shut up Charles! This is one of the most important parts of the book!” Norah cleared her throat, “Y’all need to get over it,” She said, turning back to the characters; “Everything works out in the end… sorta. Each ask a question and then be done. It’ll be okay. Promise.” Norah looked at Fitz.


“Yo, why’re you looking at me?” Norah’s smile was sickenly sweet. 


“Who are you people? Norah, how do you know them?” Macey wondered.


Sophie pointed to herself, going around the circle, “Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Dex, Wylie, Linh, Tam, Keefe.”


“They’re from a book Mace, well, actually 8.5 books. Keefe has his signature smirk, Fitz has anger issues, get it? “Fitz and the Tantrums”, the band… ok,  Biana is obsessed with make-up, Tam is um, Tam, Linh is quiet and amazing, Dex is the best best friend on earth, Sophie has a bunch of powers, and Wylie has had a rough life and yet he is still positive.”


“Whoa,” Wylie whispered. 


“Okay, you are amazing,” Keefe said, mouth agape. 


“Heh,” Charlie forced out, “Oookay, c’mon guys.” He said, grabbing his sister’s hands, pulling them all back to the closet where they came from. 


Macey whined, “I don’t wanna leave!” In the last few minutes, she had become attached to Biana. Her face was decorated in eyeshadow and lip gloss. Biana pouted. She liked Macey. 


Norah looked desperately at the characters. “PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME GOOO!!! I HAVEN’T FINISHED FANGIRLING YET!!!” 


But Charlie used all his might to pull them both into the great oak doors. Norah screamed, “TAM. LISTEN TO ME. DON’T BE  EVIL. LISTEN TO ME! YOU H-” Norah shouted before she got pulled into the closet by her brother. The last thing she saw was the characters all turning to Tam.