November Flash Fiction

November Flash Fiction

Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

“No, no, no. That’s not right,” Amy said, exasperated. Pursing her lips, she took down the beautiful autumn leaf decoration for the millionth time. While she was trying to adjust it, Maya came up from behind and gave her a surprise hug. With her arms tightly wrapped around Amy’s waist, Maya shouted “Boo!” Amy let out a high pitched yelp of shock. Still holding the decorations in her two hands, she fell back from the stool she was standing on, and into Maya’s arms. Exploding into a fit of giggles, the two turned around into each other for a hug. After a peck on the cheek, Maya pulled away and said with a smile, “Here, let me help you out with that,” they both blushed as she intertwined her fingers in Amy’s, which were still holding the decoration.

As the room filled with the smell of Thanksgiving dinner, the decorations were finally finished. There were cute little pumpkins decorating every nook and cranny. Strings of leaves hung on the walls. Pictures of Thanksgiving decorations Amy drew when she was five were scattered everywhere. The room was filled with a loving glow. It was perfect for the Thanksgiving party they were throwing. The two girls stood in the middle of the room, admiring their work.
“Whatcha two lovebirds doin’?” A voice said from behind them as they were tackled in a bear hug. 

“Emma!” Maya and Amy cried as they all fell to the ground. 


“How are you?”

“Good, just here for the food though..and to see my besties!” They all laughed.

“Wow how you’ve grown!” My mother said to Emma, and to me; “She was so little the last time I saw her!”

“Urm… I – I uh… go by ‘they’ now.” Emma said awkwardly. 

“Oh! My bad! Good for you sweetheart!”

“Well I’m glad you’re here. Dinner is getting ready. Imma go change though,” Amy sighed, looking down at her apron. It was covered in grease and cranberry stains. She began to walk up to her room when Ein and Jathon barreled down the stairs. Jathon was giving Ein a piggy back ride, so they were both so tall they almost reached the ceiling. They knocked Amy down and they all tumbled to the bottom of the stairs in a big heap.

“Sorry about that!” Jathon laughed. 

“Gosh, why has there got to be so much falling today!?” Amy groaned. 

Ein gave out a chuckle. “I mean, it is FALL, y’know.” He said. 

Aunt Kayla moaned. “Gosh, that was the worst pun of the century,”

Everyone turned around to see that Aunt Kayla, Cousin Janice, Aunt Corra, Uncle Fred, and the two Grandpas, Josef and Carl had all walked in. 

“Oh my! How did we not hear you come in?” Maya exclaimed.  

“Because we are ninjas,” Uncle Fred winked. 

Amy rolled her eyes and ran up the stairs. There was a bit more chit-chat between the family and friends before Amy came back.

“Oh my gosh Amy! Your sweater is the most adorable thing ever!” Maya squealed with delight. Amy’s mouth stretched into a side smile, and she looked at her feet. With her face reddened, she timidly mumbled a thanks, and made an excuse to go help with the food. 

Ein and Jathon sat on the couch holding hands while talking and laughing. There was the occasional pause for an ‘I love you contest’ which is something they made up as a couple. They would each proclaim their undying love to each other, obnoxiously loud, and most people were quite annoyed by it. So everyone somehow made it to another room. Soon, the kitchen was getting quite cramped. 

Maya and Amy slipped out and walked into the broom closet. “So now that we’re all alone…” Amy began. Maya giggled and leaned closer. But suddenly they were interrupted by a scream from the kitchen. They both jumped, startled. Busting the closet door open, they raced to the kitchen. On top of cousin Janice’s head was a very angry looking turkey. A live Turkey. 

*Squak* The bird screeched. “You evil human beings! You eat my kind for dinner!” 

Everyone was taken aback. “You can talk!?” Emma shouted. They took a frying pan and swung it at the turkey. It flapped away. It started to knock over all the expensive china bowls and glass plates from the shelves. 

“HEY!” Ein bellowed. 

“STOP, YOU BIRD!” Jathon howled.

“Hey, hey,” Maya exclaimed, “Little Turkey, I’m sorry we are eating your kind. But that’s just the circle of life! You have to understand.”
“We are not your enemy. All sorts of animals eat turkeys, that’s just how it goes, and that’s okay. You eat plants, right? That’s sort of like this… In a way,” Amy agreed. 

“B-But…Oh alright. You guys are right. I was just overreacting. This happens all the time anyway. And it’s just the circle of life. *Gobble gobble* Sorry for bothering you.” The turkey sighed, then crashed through the window and waddled away. 

“Phew! That was exhausting!” Ein sighed, falling back into Jathon. 

“You guys barely did anything,” Emma crossed their arms.

Maya cleared her throat and led Amy out of the kitchen. Dragging her back into the closet, she said, “Now where were we?”

“About to be strangled by an angry chicken demon?”

“Haha, no, before that.”
“I think I might have an idea…”


“Ya know, I’m really thankful for you…” Maya whispered, closing her eyes and touching her forehead to Amy’s.

“Me too, May-May. Me too,” Amy replied, pressing her lips against Maya’s.