TikTok Challenges

TikTok Challenges

Azriel Watson and Elizabeth Robbins

On TikTok recently, there have been some challenges, and they very well could ruin lots of kids’ records and/or lives. Kids are doing these challenges and they are getting in trouble and then those things go on their record and can affect them down the road. Some of these kids are doing these monthly challenges to be cool, or popular, or even just to get more likes or views. People are pretending to be people that they aren’t just to get likes, views or praise. There are monthly challenges on tiktok, most of which include some sort of vandalization, or stealing something from schools. Schools are calling the police when these challenges happen. Multiple students in different schools have gotten in trouble with the authorities for these challenges. 

That is not even all of the things that are happening either. There are challenges that people are doing that could permanently damage their bodies, or even kill them. Some of the challenges include the salt challenge, which is taking a container of salt and seeing how much you can eat. This is dangerous not only because you could choke, but it also will severely dehydrate your body. Another one of these challenges is eating cereal from your friend’s mouth. That is unsanitary, and if the person with their mouth full laughs, they could easily choke. One other challenge that one tiktok star did was only drink blue food coloring for 11 days. He claimed that he turned blue. Although this doesn’t seem like it would be a major health issue it may cause health issues in the future. The last, and the most dangerous of these four challenges is putting hand sanitizer and bleach in a bag and putting it into your eye. It supposedly makes your eye change color. This is extremely dangerous because not only is bleach a harmful chemical, it, along with hand sanitizer, are NOT meant to go into your body. This could cause permanent damage, and is absolutely NOT worth trying. None of these challenges are worth it. Please make good decisions about what you put in your body, and about what you are doing in school. Just because something is ‘cool’ or it might make you ‘popular’ doesn’t mean it’s right.