October Flash Fiction

October Flash Fiction

Reese Watson and Avery Cotten

“You take forever!” Isabella complained, banging on the door. “Hurry up, it’s dark in like, 10 minutes.”

“Shut up!” Hailey yelled back. “It’s not my fault you have the least complicated costume!” 

This was true. Isabella had decided that her costume would be the most basic thing possible: a ghost. Laine was adding the finishing touches to her anime character’s makeup while Hailey struggled with the stupid costume Isabella had gotten for her last minute. 

“Do you need help Hailey?” Avery asked, knocking on the door. 

“No. I need a better costume. This is stupid.”

“Stop complaining. It could be worse. You could be stuck inside.” Avery smiled sadly and Hailey poked her head out and gave her a concerned look.

“Are you gonna be ok?” Hailey asked.

“Of course. Just because my leg is broken doesn’t mean I’m not taking all your candy later.” Her smile looked forced, but Hailey let it go. Avery was staying inside for Halloween because she had broken her leg a week before. She closed the door and finished hooking the clasps on the back of her uncomfortable dress. She opened the bathroom door and Avery covered her mouth. Hailey was dressed up as a cat. She had on a mid-length black dress with long sleeves and a hood. The gloves had silver pads on them and she had a tail. A tail!

“Ready to go?” Laine asked. Hailey sighed but nodded as they left. She gave Avery a kiss on the cheek and closed the door behind her. They walked to the first house. As they ascended the steps, the skeleton and monster decoration’s eyes seemed to follow them. As they got closer, every second seemed to suspend in the air, like time was holding its breath. 

“How about we come back later?” Whispered Isabella.

“I agree.” They ran down the stairs and as Hailey reached the bottom stair, she tripped. A gear clicked and all the decorations snapped in their direction. 

“Um-” Laine said in a panicked whisper, “Run?” She grabbed Hailey and Isabella’s hands and took off down the street. She turned her head to look behind her and yelped. The decorations were chasing them. 

“How in the-” Isabella started to shout.

“Just run! Go! Go!” Hailey interrupted, pulling them faster and pumping her legs. The decorations began to catch up and they were backed into a corner. Laine began to climb the tall chain link fence, but the ivy growing at the top kept her from climbing higher than halfway. The skeletons surrounded them. The skeleton in the front began to click his teeth together, like he was trying to speak. The more he clicked, the more the other-worldly sounds began to form into words. 

“-running will not help you. We have a job to do.” the old skeleton rasped. “Now let us fulfill our duty.” The skeleton stepped forward and they all shielded their faces. “Here.” he held out a small bucket filled with candy. 

“Um… Thank you?” Hailey cocked her head “So…you chased us…to give us candy?”

“Yes. Our job has been fulfilled.” He and the other decorations became inanimate and crumbled to dust.

“Did he just-?” Laine made a plethora of hand gestures trying to convey what had just occurred. “You know what? Never mind. Let’s head back. Avery needs her candy.” They grabbed the candy and walked away from the dust. When they reached the house, Avery welcomed them inside. 

“How was it?” Avery asked as soon as they stepped foot in the door.

“Interesting. But let’s talk about that later. It’s time for you to steal what we rightfully earned.” Hailey grabbed Avery’s hand and they all sat down to feast on the night’s candy haul, unaware of the skeleton watching them from the window.