Creative Writing Chapter 3

Creative Writing Chapter 3

Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

“Come onnnnn! Let’s go explore.” Macey jumped up and down, and started skipping towards the house. Norah shared a look with Charlie. Charlie grinned and shrugged one shoulder then ran after her. Norah rolled her eyes but gave a slight smile. They all stopped in front of the door when they reached the house. Macey gave a mischievous smile, “I’m going in.”

“Macey, no-” But it was too late. Macey had burst through the door. A girl in a red cloak stood by the bed, directly in front of the door. She had long, blonde hair that was slightly curled at the end, and she held a basket of something that smelled like a muffin and cookie mix. “Hello! Is your name Red?”

“Yes..? How do you know that?” The small girl asked.

“DO NOT HELP THE WOLF! When you’re going to your grandma’s house there is a wolf and it looks like it’s in pain but it’s not. It’s all a trick. DO NOT help him. He’ll eat you.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Just, don’t trust the wolf, okay? Now, be on your way.”

Little Red Riding Hood stared at her like she must be insane. However, a small smile grew on her face, and she trotted out the door, calling a goodbye to her mother. The siblings followed her, and hid behind the corner of the house. Getting a perfect view of where the wolf was lying crying in fake pain. Little Red Riding Hood stopped, looking at the wolf, her eyebrows crinkling in concern. She said something to the wolf and began walking away, but right as she was supposed to turn into the distance, she turned back and winked at the three kids. And then… she was on her way.

Macey turned to her older brother and sister, “Come on! Norah gets to pick where we go next!”

Macey ran towards the closet, which was on the back side of the house, with Norah and Charlie right on her tail. Once they were all safely in the closet, a smile grew on Macey’s face. 

Norah looked at her and shouted, “Keeper of the Lost Cities!” The closet began to spin, the world around them becoming blurry. Soon, the doors opened, and they stared into a world with eight children outside, sitting in front of a beautiful blue and purple blossom tree.