Flash Fiction

Avery Cotten and Reese Watson

Sam walked into the thrift shop, Buck trailing behind. A fedora in the front of the store immediately caught his eye. He ran over to it, and put it on his head, tilting it at a rakish angle. Buck chuckled, and took out his phone to take a picture. The hat was bright orange, with a bright pink feather sticking out of it. 

“It looks fantastic, Sam!” He laughed. Sam laughed too, and tucked the fedora under his arm. He tugged Buck over to the shirt rack, seeing a rainbow shirt. He looked at the size, and it was the perfect size. He thrust it in Buck’s face.

“Here! It’s rainbow, just like you!” He exclaimed. Buck

 laughed, and shoved the shirt away from his face. 

“That’s a little too obvious…” He said as he rolled his eyes. Sam sighed, and put the shirt back. 

“Well it’s a rainbow, and you don’t have anything rainbow, and you need something rainbow. Take it!” Sam threw it at his head and ran away to the scarves. He hid in the colorful, silky fabrics until Buck walked over, smiling demonically. 

“If I get this shirt-” Sam poked his head out of the scarves. “Then I get to pick something for you”

“Done!” Sam came out of the scarves as Buck began to flip through a rack of collared shirts. He found a yellow and blue striped polo shirt and held it up to Sam. Sam raised his eyebrows. “Can I just get that fedora please???” He gave Buck puppy dog eyes. Buck blushed.

“Fine.” He grabbed his rainbow shirt in one hand and walked up to the register. Sam followed his bright hat. They paid and walked out and as the fancy doors opened, Sam slipped his hand into Bucks and they walked out together, smiling at their haul.