Interview with a Few

Avalon Beltran, Layout Editor

Keller Frazier: 8th grade

Liz Robbins: 7th grade

Lilah Schlarb: 6th grade


What are you looking forward to for the fall season?

Keller Frazier: The weather and Halloween are what I look forward to this fall.

Liz Robbins: I am looking forward to the fall soccer season. 

Lilah Schlarb: I am looking forward to thanksgiving and eating food.


What’s your favorite fall drink? 

Keller Frazier: My favorite fall drink is apple cider.

Liz Robbins: I don’t have a favorite. 

Lilah Schlarb: My favorite fall drink is hot cocoa with pumpkin from starbucks.


Do you prefer fall or spring? Why? 

Keller Frazier: I like spring more because it is closer to summer.

Liz Robbins: I prefer fall because of all the beautiful colors. 

Lilah Schlarb:  I prefer fall because fall has pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.