Creative Writing – Journalism – Chapter 2


Elyse Prestopnik, Reporter

Landing in a Fairytale

Chapter 2:


“MACY!?!” Norah screamed. She was horrified that her little sister got sucked into a closet by a shadow arm! Norah ran over and tugged on the door. When it didn’t budge, she yanked as hard as she could. Charlie ran over to her.


“Norah. Norah! NORAH!” She turned to look at him, “What?”


“You need to calm down. Okay? Think about it. She didn’t test the handle, did she? She traced the designs with her finger. Why don’t we try that?”


She sniffled, “Okay.”


Charlie and Norah both raised their fingers and began to trace the intricate patterns, weaving throughout the wood. They continued this process for a few more minutes. Then, they felt a shift in the air. The same slim shadowy arm reached out and tugged Norah in. Charlie’s eyes went wide. Why hadn’t it happened to him? Seconds later a different, fat, shadowy arm pulled Charlie in by his shoulder. He landed with a thump on the inside of the closet. Someone pulled his arm up. 


“Charlie, what is this place?”


“I don’t know Nors, I don’t know.”






Suddenly a tiny hand grabbed Charlie’s, and Macey leaped up on his back.


“Guys! We’re in a different world! We’re in Little Red Riding Hood’s world!”


“No, we’re not. You’re hallucinating Mace,” Charlie sighed. 


“Yes. We! ARE! Come, I’ll show you.”


Macey hopped down from his back and skipped over to the back of the closet, pushing her body up against it. The back of the closet popped off, revealing a forest, with a little cottage at the end of the path.