Interview With a Few

Avalon Beltran, Editor

I interviewed three Flagstaff Academy students with some questions. The people I interviewed were…
Katelin VonFeldt
Ronan Frazier
Brynn Schlarb

Question 1: What was your favorite thing that you did this summer?
Katelin VonFeldt: “My favorite thing I did this summer was going to Crested Butte.”
Ronan Frazier: “My favorite thing that I did this summer was go to Lake Tahoe with my family.”
Brynn Schlarb: “My favorite thing I did this summer was playing in soccer tournaments.”


Question 2: What are you most excited about for the 2021-2022 school year?
Katelin VonFeldt: “I am most excited to see my friends this year.”
Ronan Frazier: “I am most excited for a normal school year.”
Brynn Schlarb: “I’m most excited to get back to a normal year and being able to go to all of our classes in person.”

Question 3: What are you most disappointed about regarding Covid?
Katelin VonFeldt: “I would probably say Sky Ranch and not being able to see peoples faces.”
Ronan Frazier: “The thing I’m most disappointed about is that we can’t go to Pingree Park or Sky Ranch with our friends.”
Brynn Schlarb: “The thing I’m most disappointed about due to Covid is that we all had to miss Pingree Park and Sky Ranch”