Covid-19 Booster Shots


Kassidy Brackett, Reporter

The COVID-19 vaccine needed to have two shots to be effective. One to stimulate the immune system, the other to teach it how to fight the virus. But recently, there has been a new shot called the booster shot, used for COVID-19 victims. This helps strengthen the protection of infection. The virus has gotten stronger, and although the vaccine helps prevent serious damage, death, or hospitalization, it still allows some of the virus through. Recent data proves this, as overall, the vaccines have an effectiveness of more than 90% against hospitalization, about 80% for infections that cause symptoms, and only 55% that prevent infections of the coronavirus. This shot will most likely be available next month, but is still being approved. The Biden Administration has recommended this shot already. This new and improved COVID-19 shot will help to battle the virus, finding the weaknesses of the first shots and upgrading. To get back to normal, we might just have to have another shot.