May Debate


Avalon Beltran and Reese Watson

Debate: Which is better: Cold Stone or Dairy Queen?

Avy: I think Cold Stone is better because it is much creamier and thick. There are all kinds of flavors and a bunch of topping’s to. Also Cold Stone doesn’t just have ice cream they also have drinks, caramel apples, frozen yogurt, sorbet, cakes, and more. When you go into cold stone everything hits with delicious smells and tastes. Everything is delicious and totally worth getting. You can’t go wrong at Cold Stone.

Reese: I personally like Dairy Queen better. There are so many flavors, and blizzards too. They also have new flavors for the blizzards, which is always exciting when you walk in and see the new flavor! It is also EVERYWHERE, so you can go almost any time. They also have ice cream cakes, which are delicious.