Boulder County Moving to Level Blue

Mira Clayborn and Emma Ortiz

As of April 12th, Boulder County moved to the blue level for Covid-19. This means that there will be limited modifications for 30 days until May 16th. The modified blue level does not mean that everything will reopen. Level blue will open up indoor seating as long as 6-foot distancing is retained. All outdoor events can take place with 6-foot distancing as well. 

The modifications for moving to level blue include mask requirements, limitations of groups, and more. As for masks, they are still required for indoor events but if you are outdoors and 6-foot distance is maintained masks are not required but encouraged. In big groups, 

Overall cases are decreasing by almost 50% among the 18-22 age range. There are about 13 cases for 65+ patients. The state will continue to require hospitals to report COVID-19 admissions and hospital bed capacity. 

Boulder County has one of the highest vaccination rates in Colorado and this made a big difference in being able to move to blue level, stay safe!